Rise Live, Suzanne Boyd and Eric Roby

Delray Beach, Fla.Veteran newscasters turned talk show hosts, Eric Roby and Suzanne Boyd, return to CBS12 with a new show that the popular team will produce and host for the West Palm Beach, Fla CBS affiliate. The duo spent nearly two decades as an anchor team and left the CBS12 anchor desk about a year ago to produce Rise+Live with Roby and Suze. The half-hour show will be seen every Friday at 9:30 AM on CBS12 and its sister station CW34.

The morning talk show focuses on what makes South Florida a great place to live, work and vacation. For the past six months, the talk show has been seen live on FacebookYouTube and www.riseand.live with a steadily growing fan base. Impressively, the show already garners an audience comparable to local newscasts. With the catchphrase, “Making Mornings Fun Again”, Rise+Live with Robyand Suzeincludes a live studio audience, DJ and open bar that features local bartenders and restaurants.

“We are thrilled to be back on CBS12,” said Suzanne Boyd. “Our goal was always to have Rise+Livedistributed by a TV station, but to have it happen this quickly is a bit of a surprise.”  Eric Roby continued, “Our success with an online audience has been tremendous and beat our expectations. We will continue to broadcast on our digital channels, but expanding to a traditional TV platform will help us grow even faster.”

The show’s expansion does not mean drastic changes to the format that has made it an instant success. Rise+Live will continue to broadcast live from its home studio inside the Heart of Delray Gallery in Delray Beach, Fla and live on location for special events. “The show will have the same feel and fun segments, except Suze, will just have to watch her mouth. On the internet, you can curse, but on TV, the FCC frowns upon it!” laughed Roby.

“It takes an entire team of professionals to make this show work. Many of them are friends we met over the years while working at CBS12. To be able to produce and host a show that will air on the station where it all started makes this even sweeter,” said Boyd.

Rise+Live with Roby and Suze can be seen on CBS12 and CW34 every Friday at 9:30 AM, starting on January 3rd

About Rise+Live with Roby and Suze

Started in June of 2019, Rise & Live with Roby and Suze has quickly become a local online favorite with live weekly broadcasts. Hosted by two of the most popular and trusted TV hosts in South Florida, Eric Roby and Suzanne Boyd, the show quickly grew an audience that’s comparable to local TV viewership while only using the digital channels FacebookYouTube and www.riseand.live for distribution. Their chemistry, humor, and thirst for fun make the unique morning talk show a natural fit for TV, and as of January 2020, it can also be seen every Friday at 9:30 AM on CBS12 and CW34 in the 36th largest TV market in the US with a reach of nearly 900,000 homes.

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