Ivanka footwear boxes
July 28, 2016

Marketing America great again

in Get This
If you took a little time out from seeking Pokemon, you may have noticed a new form of marketing which has ’Trumped’ all others. After her speech at the RNC, Ivanka Trump Tweeted a link to her online shop at Macy’s and the dress that she wore, or one that looked like it, sold out the next day. Her… Read More
Jul 03, 2016

Miami rudest city? Hey, get off our lawn!

Financial news and opinion website 24/7 Wall St. says Miami is the worst city in America in which to live. Worse than Detroit or Paterson, N.J. Bam! So we have traffic, some pythons and a little ‘sea… Read More
06 selfie deaths.w190.h190.2x
Jun 26, 2016

Selfies claim more victims than sharks

Selfie-related accidents have lately killed more people worldwide than shark attacks. Most of the recently deceased would probably wish to be known as killed by a shark instead of a camera. Their… Read More
JCLittle UN Bucket List 555
Jun 23, 2016

My Un-Bucket list

The bucket list is a phenomenon that came about when baby boomers started realizing they had not done all the things they wanted to do. What about the things they never wanted to do? This is my… Read More
newspaper article
Jun 09, 2016

When ‘spell check’ should be ‘checked’

“It’s all about bringing the bank and possibly a fine, to you” The $50 fine would be leveed to new customers and used as a payback to County Commissioners for giving us this opportunity. The banking… Read More
possible template
Jun 08, 2016

Just stay off the roads!

In the interest of public service we’d like you to be aware of the State of Florida regulations for the renewal of your driver’s license. Step 1, Sit down, drink the beverage of your choice and open… Read More
crocodile blanc
May 28, 2016

Solving a nuclear problem in South Florida

In spinning, you get on a stationary bicycle and pedal, unlike being outside where the fun is trying to avoid being sideswiped by distracted drivers. To be fair, it puts you on a bike but not in… Read More
Miami Seaquarium 2 4698
May 08, 2016

Welcome to Miami/Ft Lauderdale: A handy tourist guide

After we welcome you, then what? A guide for visitors. Hello international tourists. Hola, Bienvenu and Kon Nichiwa! Miami International Airport wants to make you feel more welcome. You are the… Read More
laughing cat wallpaper
May 05, 2016

‘Laughing cat syndrome brings people together’

There were no auto accidents, no slow-downs and everyone was nice to each other on the road. Waiters were courteous and efficient. People opened doors for others. Cell phone usage in confined public… Read More
fiorina hugs cruz
Apr 30, 2016

Devil takes umbrage at being compared to Ted Cruz

A spokesperson for the devil has filed suit in federal court to enjoin John Boehner from further referencing Ted Cruz as "Lucifer in the flesh.” Satanists around the country rose up in ‘righteous… Read More
Yosemite Sam
Apr 14, 2016

No guns allowed? Huh?

The upcoming Republican national convention in Cleveland received a petition signed by 50,000 people to allow guns in the Quicken Loans Arena. There will be no guns allowed according to the Secret… Read More

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