If you took a little time out from seeking Pokemon, you may have noticed a new form of marketing which has ’Trumped’ all others. After her speech at the RNC, Ivanka Trump Tweeted a link to her online shop at Macy’s and the dress that she wore, or one that looked like it, sold out the next day. Her father has not delved into a similar marketing ploy because making America great again does not mean producing a clothing line in a different country and selling it here.

We expected the Trump speech to be a ‘barn burner’ but it turned out to be the conversation you had as you stood around and complained after the barn burned down. At 75 minutes it was the longest on record, but when you discount that 33% of it was applause, the dead air time between Trump pronouncing the letters L G B T and Q and the 2% in policy statements, it kind of broke up all the fear mongering.

“On January 20th safety will be restored.” He said as he laid out a plan to deport everyone who “doesn’t look like you and me.” He plans to send the losers of the Apprentice out to cities around the country to remind blacks, Latinos and Muslims of their place in the new society he’ll champion.

Crews at the Quicken Loans Arena spent a couple of days sanitizing the spittle laden chairs and floor. “Those people seemed to froth at the mouth with every word he uttered. It was everywhere” said Humphrey Gladstone, head of clean up.

Basically the RNC was a fear filled Phantasmagoria in which (According to Slate senior editor and Republican Rachael Larimore) Donald J. Trump, a vulgar and reprehensible man who has vowed to build walls and ban Muslims, who has endorsed torture against terrorists and violence against his detractors, who said he could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and not lose voters.

If it wasn’t so real it could have been a top rated reality show. At least you could have switched channels.

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