As Hurricane Irma moves closer to land, Miami’s UM Health Technology Center based healthcare technology start-up EpicMD will make free medical consultations available, provided remotely by U.S. Board Certified primary care physicians and specialists, to Florida residents prospectively affected by Hurricane Irma. Medical consultations can be conducted by phone, video, email or text to those impacted in Florida through registered charitable organizations associated with any recovery effort.

Just as the company has done for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, the EpicMD Share-the-Care program is proactively engaged in partnering with local charities to provide free medical care to those in need via the company’s mobile healthcare platform. “We’re Miami-based and uniquely positioned to help out, certainly from a remote, primary care standpoint,” said Matt Wanderer, CEO and Founder of Epic Health, the parent company of EpicMD and Share-the-Care. EpicMD is actively encouraging representatives of registered charitable organizations providing direct relief to the victims of recent natural disasters to please contact us at

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