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Pain Management without Drugs or Surgery
September 02, 2014

Pain Relief without Drugs or Surgery

An article I read stated that 1 out of 4 people live with chronic pain. 1 out of 4, that to me is a staggering number of people, and what it says about our lives is interesting. While admittedly there are some situations that require the use of medication and/or surgery as a means for pain control,… Read More
medical illustration of symptoms of the sciatica
Aug 14, 2014

Neuromuscular Therapy: An Effective treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica is usually caused by disc herniation in the lower lumbar region and it is generally due to injury of the lower back. The symptoms of sciatic nerve pain can range from mild and acute to…
Jun 04, 2012

Eye Care facilities in South Florida among the first in the nation to offer all-bladeless laser vision correction and cataract surgeries

Cory M. Lessner, M.D., CEO and Founder of Millennium Laser Eye Centers and Andrew Shatz, M.D., Medical Director of SightTrust Eye Institute in Sunrise, Fl. SUNRISE, FL (June 4, 2012) -- Cory M.…
Russo Charles
Aug 05, 2011

Stress: Part Three "What to do about Stress"

Charles Russo M.D., FACCWhat stresses us out? There are many people in lower socioeconomic conditions without good hygiene or living conditions that have real problems with survival and, therefore,…
Russo Charles
Aug 05, 2011

Stress: Part Two "The Consequences of the Body's Response"

Charles Russo M.D., FACCIn the first part of this series we learned about the "fight or flight" response which is involuntary and leads appropriately in situations of stress to enhancing our survival…
Aug 05, 2011

Fat Deficiency?

In a culture that is overweight, part of our problem is the type and proportion of fat that we eat. I am talking about the three types of fats most of us are acquainted with: saturated,…
Russo Charles
Aug 05, 2011

Stress: Part One "The Body's Response"

Charles Russo M.D., FACCBy definition stress is usually caused by stressor. This may be some external or internal stressor and it can also be real or just perceived. For example: if I know I am going…
Russo Charles
Aug 05, 2011

Vitamin C: Truth Is Stranger Than fiction

Charles Russo M.D., FACCMy personal history with vitamin C actually begins at my medical school graduation when the Nobel prize-winning scientist Linus Pauling addressed my medical school class at…

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