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July 16, 2015

To Vitamin or Not to Vitamin, That is the Question

When it comes to the question of whether or not vitamin supplements are necessary for their children, a lot of parents are divided. One school of thought is: As long as my child has a balanced and healthy diet, they don’t need supplements. The other school of thought is: Whether they need it or… Read More
Jul 14, 201554

NASA Scientist Burns Calories with the Power of Cold

Tapping into the metabolism boosting benefits of mild cold exposure, the Cold Shoulder Weight Loss Vest is turning heads and shedding inches NASA scientist utilizes the science and benefits of mild… Read More
Synthetic Grass
Jul 14, 201552

Where are your allergies coming from?

With summer in full swing, more and more people are suffering from severe allergies that leave them housebound. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from different forms of grass allergies and… Read More
Appu Rathinavelu, Ph.D.
Jul 08, 201575

Nova Southeastern University Cancer Researcher Earns Prestigious Fulbright Award

FORT LAUDERDALE-DAVIE, FL -- Nova Southeastern University (NSU) cancer researcher Appu Rathinavelu, Ph.D., was selected for a prestigious J. William Fulbright award to conduct cancer research and… Read More
Jul 07, 201573

Nova Southeastern University Researchers Receive $800,000 Grant to Research Gulf War Illness

FORT LAUDERDALE-DAVIE, Fl -- Serving one's country as a member of our armed forces is among the most noble professions, but the sacrifices do not stop once soldiers return home and are taken out of… Read More
Jul 07, 201579

new cancer drug, FY26, is 49 times more potent than the clinically used treatment Cisplatin

Effectiveness shown in tests on ovarian and bowel cancer Drug can shut down a cancer cell’s metabolism Developed by researchers at the University of Warwick’s Warwick Cancer Research Centre Tests… Read More
Jul 03, 201590

The Ultimate Eating + Exercise guide for Fast Weight Loss + Body Shaping

When it comes to weight loss, it¹s all about switching your routine to burn more energy, revving up your metabolism, and eating the right kind of nutrient-dense foods for your activity level. For… Read More
Jul 01, 201583

Health Tips for Your Planned Trip to the Middle East or the Far East

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, you will benefit by taking some relatively simple steps to reduce health risks and to thereby make your trip more safe and enjoyable. Over the past… Read More
Jun 25, 2015111

Cyrex Laboratories Array 3 Offers Most Advanced Gluten/wheat Reactivity and Autoimmunity Test Panel

Cyrex Laboratories, a clinical laboratory specializing in functional immunology and autoimmunity, launched its Array 3 Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity and Autoimmunity test panel to provide… Read More
Justin Noble
Jun 18, 2015172

Do You Mind? How Mindfulness Can Help You Get Your Picky Eater to Try More Foods

Practicing mindfulness is quickly gaining popularity in America. Based on Buddhist principles, being mindful is living in the moment and fully experiencing external sensations as well as your… Read More
portrait zahie
Jun 16, 2015138

Author Offers Tips to Help You and Your Loved Ones Deal with Infertility Issues

Over 14 million American women are either unable to bear children, or are using some type of fertility treatment to assist in their efforts to have children. While these statistics illustrate the… Read More
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