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There were no auto accidents, no slow-downs and everyone was nice to each other on the road. Waiters were courteous and efficient. People opened doors for others. Cell phone usage in confined public spaces was virtually non-existent. Your doctor called right back and even offered to visit you at home if you couldn’t make it to the office. Your home team won! What happened? Was it something in the water? Did the stars align? Maybe.

Local leading astrophysicists and other smart people were baffled until they started talking to each other and, comparing celestial notes, realized that our Sun had come into perfect alignment with Earth’s axis. Of course something close to this happens every day, but a different and magical transference had also taken place.

A hair’s breadth shift in magnetic north occurred ever so slightly when hundreds of millions of people all over the planet, and without knowledge of each other, accessed Facebook on their cell phones to watch a cat laugh.

Scientists concurred that the ‘infotainment’ of this shared experience seemed to satisfy primal entertainment urges in such a way as to bring a temporary peace and calm in the shared experience of all people around the world.

Today’s technological advances coupled with thousands of satellite uplinks working on the same frequency at the same time caused the shift to occur. Unaware as we generally are, we should never discount the power of the internet and a laughing cat.

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