Recovery First Treatment Center announced today that it will be one of the first addiction treatment facilities in South Florida to implement the EarlySense patient monitoring system in its 28-bed detox facility to support its long-term patient safety initiatives. This cutting-edge technology will help clinical staff track patient vital signs needed to detect early signs of patient deterioration, specifically during detox.

“At Recovery First, we are always in search of innovative ways to improve our clinical care and patient safety,” said Recovery First Treatment Center CEO, Diane Funston. “That said, when we learned of the capabilities of EarlySense monitoring, we were thrilled to incorporate the technology into Recovery First’s standard of care for detox as this phase of treatment often poses many unforeseen clinical challenges. With EarlySense, we are able to identify potential life-threatening events before they escalate improving clinical outcomes and, most importantly, patient safety.”

The contact-free monitoring solution provides medical staff with continuous, real-time data of patient heart rate, respiratory rate and movement through an advanced sensor placed beneath the patient’s mattress. Abnormal vital signs, such as irregular breathing patterns or agitated movements, immediately distributes an alert to the facility’s central nursing hub and pagers prompting nursing staff to assess the situation.

“The need for this technology in the addiction treatment industry is crucial as patients may arrive to treatment in various altered states-of-mind resulting in the need for consistent monitoring, especially during detox,” said Steven Haughton, director of nursing at Recovery First. “EarlySense allows clinical staff to monitor a patient’s ever-changing conditions during detox to ensure they remain safe. By providing early indications of poor breathing and irregular movements that may be precursors to adversities such as seizures or unexpected falls, our staff is able to proactively intervene if needed.”

Additionally, EarlySense fosters better response times through the customization of each patient’s monitor and alerts. This enables nursing staff to provide individualized care, while also minimizing the risk of false alarms.

“We are excited to be one of the first addiction treatment centers in Florida to implement this life-saving technology,” said Funston. “Individuals beginning their recovery journey and their loved ones can be certain that with our team of clinicians and the help of EarlySense, they are receiving the highest quality of care.”

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