Woman giving shoes to anothe woman

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Holy Cross Hospital’s faith community nurses, in partnership with nurses from FAU's Christine Lynn College of Nursing and volunteers from the hospital and Christ Church, recently provided 189 homeless individuals with free foot care, new shoes and socks, showers, and a hot meal during the organizations’ fourth annual "All About Feet" event in Pompano Beach. The Florida Department of Health also provided 43 Hepatitis A immunizations during the event.

Among those served were a 4-year-old child and an 89-year-old senior, the youngest and oldest participants respectfully.

"The homeless face so many challenges, and foot care often falls to the bottom of the list when faced with hunger, lack of shelter and other more pressing healthcare issues," said Dr. Christopher Pappas, a podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon with the Holy Cross Medical Group. "But the health of our feet can have a major impact on our overall health, and no one should have to live with foot pain.”

Wearing shoes that don't fit properly or are worn out, or going barefoot, can exacerbate foot problems in the homeless population. Other challenges include not having the proper tools for nail trimmings or the resources to regularly keep feet clean. Foot care is especially important for diabetics, who are at increased risk of amputation due to poor circulation and nerve damage.

To help support the homeless, contact email Valerie Fox in the community outreach department of Holy Cross Hospital at Valerie.Fox@holy-cross.com

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