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Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF Devices Fort Lauderdale FL

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Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF Devices


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Integrated, preventative wellness & health care with the power of nature! PEMF devices for magnetic field therapy

The world's most advanced PEMF technology for home use the iMRS -, and the systems from the MRS 2000 product family, which have been proven over the past 2 decades, as well as a range of brand-new options from light and sound –research (brain wave entrainment), allow for a variety of integrated, comprehensive and highly effective wellness applications.

The Original iMRS Swiss Bionic Solutions’ iMRS Wellness System is an all-natural way to combat chronic pain, stress, depression, insomnia and many other health issues. Learn More

Introducing the Omnium1 The world’s first and only comprehensive Android-based health system, the Omnium1, is a control unit for a wide range of health, wellness and fitness applications. Learn More


omnium1 imrs one complete combo
PEMF Therapy - iMRS, Omnium 1 Device
PEMF Therapy - iMRS, Omnium 1 Device
PEMF Therapy - iMRS, Omnium 1 Device


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