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Wherever you live in the USA, there's a good chance that there'll be some great music festivals in the vicinity that should satisfy a variety of different tastes. And South Florida is no different. Unfortunately (if you haven't been there), some of these festivals have already been held during the past six (or so) months. Luckily, that's not all that South Florida has to offer to music fans this year. Three incredible music festivals in South Florida are yet to be held in the months that are ahead. That's why we've prepared this article that should prevent all the uncomfortable "If only I had known about this festival!" situations.

SummerJazz on the Gulf, Naples, July 20 - August 17, 2019

The first festival that we'll cover, SummerJazz on the Gulf, has existed for an impressively long time - 34 years. It is organized by the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, whose location in Naples, Florida is tailor-made for an event of this type. Some very fine jazz musicians play there every year. They create a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for kicking back after a hard week's work.

The setting offers a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. Coupled with the serene sunset descending in the distance and a relaxing breeze gently blowing in your face, this festival soothes the visitor's heart and soul.

A musician holding at a saxophone.

As per usual, SummerJazz on the Gulf is one of the music festivals in South Florida that is spread out over the period of a few months. One Saturday every month, starting from June till September, one skilled band will keep the audience engaged, relaxed, and happy throughout the evening. While the Alter Eagles have already played this June, you'll still be able to enjoy the Late Night Brass, Pocket Change, and Ari & the Alibis. They'll be playing on July 20th, 2019, August 17th, 2019, and September 14th, 2019.

While none of these bands are particularly well-known, combined with beautiful surroundings, they can create a festival that is well worth a visit. This is certainly a somewhat low-key event. However, thanks to its quality, it has become a long-lasting tradition and a well-known festival among the residents of Naples and fans of jazz music in general. What's more, the feeling of an intimate event is enhanced by the fact that SummerJazz on the Gulf is entirely free! Some very good jazz in a beautiful setting should provide fans of this kind of music with an experience worth remembering.

Riptide Music Festival, Fort Lauderdale Beach, November-December 2019

Riptide Music Festival

If you are a fan of rock music, then the Riptide Music Festival should definitely be among the music festivals in South Florida that you shouldn't miss. This festival, held at our own Fort Lauderdale Beach, welcomes some of the best currently active rock bands out there. You'll find Riptide particularly enjoyable if you are a fan of indie and/or alternative rock music.

A rock & roll guitarist shredding live.Top-notch rock musicians play at the Riptide Festival.

Like every year, Riptide 2019 will be held during the final days of November and during the first days of December. Unfortunately, the exact timeline and details regarding this year's band lineup are yet to be announced. However, history has taught us that Riptide organizers always get some amazing artists to perform. For example, the visitors last year had the chance to enjoy the performances of acclaimed bands such as Panic at the Disco, Sublime with Rome, and the Sugarhill Gang.

The great location on Fort Lauderdale Beach provides the perfect setting for a festival of this kind. Some top-notch rock music, mostly of a feel-good variety, coupled with the amazing surroundings set the scene for a night (or a few) of incredible fun. Besides your love of (indie) rock, bring good vibes with you, and everything else should follow.

The Friendship, Miami, January 6 - January 10, 2020

Finally, we'll also cover one younger festival. Namely, the festival cruise called The Friendship, which has had a very successful debut last year. Artists like Boys Noize and Rüfüs Du Sol have made sure that the visitors were well-entertained while enjoying intense cruise parties. And with the famous Destructo (the DJ, not the Marvel Comics character) curating the music, we'd be very surprised if The Friendship's sophomore edition was any different.

The price includes four nights on the (Friend)ship, as well as access to two parties on CocoCay. That is a privately-owned island in the Bahamas that will be all yours for exploring. This festival excellently blends the musical pleasures of your typical music festival with a holiday vibe. The price includes three meals a day, as well as access to the ship's excellent amenities. Then, there are ship pools, a spa, a fitness center, a casino, and pretty much anything that you'd imagine was necessary for having a great holiday.

The festival cruise Have a wild party at The Friendship, while at the same time enjoying most of the benefits that a holiday provides!

The Friendship is technically a 2020 festival. It is held at the very beginning of January. However, attending it is a perfect way to symbolically end 2019. Saying goodbye to this year in such a great atmosphere is bound to make the beginning of 2020 inspiring (if you're into partying on a cruiser while listening to some great dance music, of course).

Naturally, in order to be able to completely relax before going on this mini-holiday, you should take care of all your obligations before leaving. If you are moving, for example, hire the services of a reliable moving company, such as the Purple Heart Moving Group, so that you aren't constantly thinking about the move while on a cruise. If you have an impending work-deadline, try to finish the job before leaving, and so on.

Of course, if you're only looking for peace and quiet, then The Friendship is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you're looking to alternate between intense partying and some relaxed chilling, then The Friendship is definitely one of the music festivals in South Florida that you shouldn't miss!

Have fun!

Three incredible music festivals in South Florida may not seem like much. However, these three festivals cover plenty of ground on their own. Between relaxing with some beautiful jazz, rocking out, or having a funky five-day holiday on a cruise festival, almost everyone will find something for his or her taste. Have fun, and enjoy!

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