LtoR Photo Courtesy of TransMedia Group:  Adrienne Mazzone, President, TransMedia Group; Joe Namath, Football Hall of Famer and American Icon; Judy Hatfield, Heir of the Hatfield from Hatfield & McCoy’s; Michael Kohler, Creator & Founder and  Global CEO of Silent Yachts (; Kent Aguero, US Exclusive Distributor,

West Palm Beach, FL, -- Making waves of media attention at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, Silent Yachts, builders of world’s first fully sustainable solar-powered yachts, announced today that the Solarwave62 has arrived, from the historic first transatlantic crossing of a production electric yacht. 

From its US headquarters in Miami, Silent Yachts said it will not only cover the United States and the Caribbean, but also Canada.

Much like the impressive electric technology, Silent Yachts has created one of the most notable partnerships in the marine industry to launch in US. This uniquely talented, partnership brings 50 years of marine industry, sales and marketing experience and a notably comparable 18 years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry.

“The US launch of Silent Yachts is something we’ve been working towards since the inception of our Solarwave46 prototype in 2009.” said Silent Yachts founder and CEO, Michael Kohler. “We have had tremendous success with our Solar yachts in Europe and Asia, and now we have found the right distributor to launch in the US.”

Together this dynamic duo will outshine the sun that powers the Silent Yachts. “We are determined to make Silent Yachts a household name in North America in short order,” declared Kent Aguero, principal partner of Silent Yachts US, “This incredible technology, that achieves self-sufficiencylike no other yacht, is the next step in the evolution of yachting.”

“We cannot wait to share this with everyone as we get going here at the Palm Beach International Boat Show. This truly is a game changer.”

Aguero said his organization is humbled to have been chosen to launch this awesome brand in the US.

Silent Yachts boasts of having autonomy and luxury throughout their entire product line. The Silent55, Silent64 and Silent75 - all have virtually unlimited range, with top speeds of up to 20knots with some configurations. Silent Yachts can cruise up to 100 miles a day, permanently, for weeks.


Silent Yachts will be located down Ramp 1 at E208. For more information visit:

Driven by pure passion, for both boating and the boating lifestyle,Silent Yachts is determined to deliver sustainable, eco-friendly yachting, at the highest level of luxury.

Built With Solar Ingenuity, Silent Yachts delivers the evolution of yachting. Rain or shine, Silent Yachts has developed a system that eliminates the need for dieselengines and thus the dependency of fuel- which is virtually unheard of. Silent Yachts presents itself as the next generation of yachts.They need little to no maintenance, and costs less than any conventional fuel-depending yacht; in terms of overall price and the lack of fuel or upkeep. It grants more luxury, comfort, independence, reliability and safety than its competing Catamarans or Motoryachts in the same size category. Silent Yachts’ high efficiency solar-panels, are the latest generation of panel design that recharge with light weight lithiumbatteries. The special configuration of the components provides an unique energy-balance: The solar-panels produce more power than the yacht and the electric motors consume, thus, the batteries are being charged even while driving!

Media contact: Adrienne Mazzone 561-750-9800 x2270 on site 561-908-1683;

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