The beginning of this millennium has brought on a serious shift in what is considered cool and 'in'. However, not many of the trends have stuck around and had such a huge impact on our lives. Sure, we've called dogs man's best friend for as long as we can remember, but now the game has completely changed. Everything from the way people spend their free time to the economy has been affected. We no longer get dogs only so that they can protect us and guard our homes, but rather for the sheer pleasure of having a furry little friend to hang out with. As a result of this rising demand, there is an abundance of different dog breeds. Be that as it may, not every country is equally interested in certain breeds. We're here to talk about the most common dog breeds in South Florida.

No need for an introduction?

Considering that you're reading this article and are interested in it, you're almost certainly aware of different types of dog breeds. However, not everyone is an expert on the subject. A number of you are probably either moving to or already live in South Florida, wish to own a dog and want to see what your best bets are according to research. If that is the case, you're smart to look into it. There are many factors that are in need of consideration. For example, if your job is such that you will be moving from city to city in Florida, you might want to consider going for smaller breeds.

The most common dog breeds in South Florida

There might be a need for a small disclaimer before we get into the list itself. This refers to the fact that we don't claim that other breeds do not exist or aren't popular dog breeds in South Florida. We're just simply eager to discuss those that certainly are.

German Shepherd Dog

A German Shepherd that's one of the most common dog breeds in South Florida.A German Shepherd that's one of the most common dog breeds in South Florida.

When talking about the most common dog breeds in South Florida, this one is by far the most popular, and for a good reason. At first glance, it looks like this guy can be nothing but a guard dog. If this was your first impression as well, it is inaccurate. Although people usually breed them either for herding or to be guard dogs, they are huge softies when it comes to children. They are also very friendly towards other pets.

It is important to mention that they should be introduced to any family members and other pets from an early age so that they get used to them. German Shepherds are quite easy to train and teach tricks to. These traits can come in handy and be very entertaining at the same time. However, be wary of the fact that they are very empathetic and that if you surround them with people that will treat them badly, they are sure to respond accordingly.

French Bulldog

A French Bulldog looking at food that's on the table.A French Bulldog.

This little fellow is arguably the cutest one out of all South Florida's most popular breeds. For those of you that are planning on moving, whatever the reason may be, this is the dog you've been looking for. It's little tank-like build and calm personality are perfect for you. Just be sure to provide fitting conditions for the move. This shouldn't be too hard considering that there are a lot of places in South Florida that pride themselves on having the right equipment for similar undertakings, such as Verified Movers.

Unlike the German Shepherd, French Bulldogs are house dogs and they are in no way fit for guarding people. This breed is also really suitable if you live in an apartment and have no way of keeping your dog outside. What you need to know before deciding on a French Bulldog is that they don’t need huge portion sizes. What's more, they gain weight very quickly due to their inactive lifestyle which can be harmful to their health.


A Golden Retriever puppy that's very goofy with a toy crown.Golden Retrievers are the goofiest of South Florida's most common dog breeds.

  • Labrador retriever
    Labradors are one of the most common dog species in the USA, and there's no lack of them in Florida either. We may say that they are somewhere in the middle of the two previous breeds. This would be referring to the fact that they are very good family dogs but they also need a lot of training. These requirements shouldn't be ignored if you want to have a healthy and happy dog. Out of all the breeds you commonly come across in South Florida, they are the most active. If you pay attention to their name, you'll have guessed that retrieving is one of their favorite activities. They are very strong and muscular so make sure that you train them well so that they don't overpower you physically.

  • Golden retriever
    Similarly to Labradors, Golden Retrievers also like to work and keep busy. They are great service dogs and they're also fast learners when it comes to hunting. They resemble Labradors in almost every aspect. However, they might be known as somewhat friendlier and goofier. Worry not, you can find a lot of great activities during holidays to which you can take your little ones.


When considering all of the best-known dog breeds in South Florida, Rottweilers seem like the most dangerous of the bunch. Their first and main purpose was to guard and protect. As a result, they have a bit of a temper, and especially males can be assertive and aggressive. It's not recommended to have them around small children. They behave best when they have something to do and stay active to vent their inherent rage. Don't forget to vaccinate them accordingly so that they don't become a threat to you or themselves.


A Bulldog, the laziest of all the most common dog breeds in South Florida.Bulldogs don't like to move a bunch. They may be the laziest of all the most common dog breeds in South Florida.

Our South Florida's most popular dog breeds list ends with this little ball of sunshine. They are very sweet and pleasant. They seem very goofy and are favorite among children. Much the same as French Bulldogs, they don't require yards and a lot of space and are suitable if you're moving with them to Florida or any other place for that matter. What's not so attractive about them is that they tend to snore, breathe loudly and drool.


Maybe the most important part of this article and the one we hope you carry out the door with you is this: whichever one of the most common dog breeds in South Florida you decide to take home, do it right. There are unfortunately so many neglected dogs out there. Consider adopting one and saving its life. It is in every way better and easier, both for you and your future furry friend.

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