Science4Us releases an iPad app of its kindergarten, first and second grade science curriculum. The free app is available on the Apple iTunes store to students who are paid members of Along with the science program's availability on iPads, it can also be used on Chromebooks, computers and many mobile devices.

Science4Us is designed to provide students with a strong science foundation while building core literacy and math skills. Students will have access to the engaging elementary science curriculum that includes interactive activities and simulations, educational science songs, learning games and other science learning activities.
In order to create a lifelong interest in science, students need a solid foundation of fundamental science concepts.

Science4Us provides this knowledge in a way that truly engages students during their formative years so that a deep understanding and love of science can be attained. The release of the Science4Us iPad app allows both teachers and students to integrate the kindergarten-2nd grade science curriculum into a more flexible and personalized learning environment while at the same time providing the solid foundational science skills that Science4Us offers.

"The Science4Us app immerses students in a profound learning experience that combines animated video lessons, creative activities, interactive games, and formal assessments while sustaining parent/teacher accountability through detailed reporting," says Perri Robinson, Science4Us Sales and Marketing. "This app will change the way children engage with science!"

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Science4Us is a research-based science curriculum with an efficacy study performed by McREL. It is structured around the 5E Instructional Model with a blend of interactive and offline activities for students and extensive materials for teachers. Students can switch between using Science4Us as an app or on the web with a consistent database of activity maintained on the server.

Science4Us offers an interactive, standards-based science curriculum. Providing foundational skills for early elementary students, Science4Us engages young learners and provides a solid foundation of fundamental science on which a deep understanding and interest in science can be built, as explained in their mission statement. This foundational science knowledge can help lead to more students reaching for the STEM-related jobs and industries of the future.
In addition, Science4Us increases teachers' comfort with and commitment to teaching science by including pedagogical and content training. Language arts and math skills are taught throughout the curriculum to provide a seamless cross-curricular experience and maximize the precious instructional time.

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