Guide for Fort Lauderdale newcomers

Fort Lauderdale is a city in the state of Florida. The city is a popular tourist destination. Even though it's a very big city, it's also very clean and easy to get by. That is the exact reason why everyone wants to live there. Fort Lauderdale became very popular over the last few years and it is a city that is growing and just getting better every minute, so if you want to live there you will need this guide for Fort Lauderdale newcomers.


There is a lot to do in Fort Lauderdale because it's so big. Because of its size, it has something for everyone from the ages of 0 to 100. You have everything from playgrounds to theaters. In Fort Lauderdale theaters this July and August you will be able to see The Symphony of America. But that isn't where the fun ends. Fort Lauderdale newcomers are able to enjoy the beautiful beaches all year round because the weather is always sunny and hot. There are many more things to say about what you can do for fun in Fort Lauderdale but if we began to do so, we would be here all day. And Fort Lauderdale has a lot more to offer than just entertainment.

Staying healthy in FL

Because the weather is so nice here, you will be able to enjoy many outdoor activities. Such as:

  • swimming and surfing
  • cycling
  • sports - basketball, beach volley, football, etc.

Being outside in the sun and the fresh air is very important for everyone. And when you move to Fort Lauderdale you will notice that everyone tends to spend a lot of time outside with their family. Everyone here wants to stay fit and healthy and they do it not by just being active, but also by making fresh juice shakes. You can easily do this here because you have fresh fruits on every corner.

volleyball Fort LauderdaleOutdoor activities are a big thing in FL.


If you are moving with a dog or a cat to Florida, have in mind that this state has a very specific climate. So your pets might take some time getting used to it. But once they do, you won't have to worry about anything. There are many good vets here that you can call if you have any problems.


Because the city is so big, it's very multicultural. Which means you will be able to try all kinds of food anywhere in the city. There are nice restaurants on every beach. And if you are the fancier type, you have five-star restaurants all around the city. For Mother’s day, Truluck’s Seafood, Steak, and Crab House offer mom-inspired specialty cocktail, “The Matriarch”. Which is a treatment you can get only here. Even if you are a picky eater, you can find a way to eat what you like. There is fresh seafood all year round too.

SeafoodYou can enjoy fresh seafood all year round.


Business in Fort Lauderdale is growing every day because there are so many newcomers who are starting their own businesses. Especially the real estate business. If you want to live here, you better get to know more about the real estate market in FL. The houses that are being built are amazing and to die for. And living in Fort Lauderdale isn't as expensive as you think it is. Because it is in the state of Florida, Fort Lauderdale doesn't have income taxes which is why there are so many Fort Lauderdale newcomers. 

Traveling from or to FL?

Traveling from and to Fort Lauderdale is very easy because this city has many airports. You can travel anywhere and that's why this city has a lot of tourists. FL has many beach resorts that are loved by tourists. One of them is The Diplomat Beach Resort and you have many more just like this one. The prices are very reasonable too.

girl in a planeFort Lauderdale has many airports which make it easy to travel anywhere in the world.

Cons of living in Fort Lauderdale

There aren't many of them but the ones that exist have to be mentioned. 

  • The weather can be extremely bad. And when we say bad, we mean it. When it rains, it rains heavily. Lightning strikes are very common and hurricanes can be disruptive and destructive. So make sure you know when is the perfect time to move to FL especially from a different place such as NY. It's best to do so by asking for some assistance when relocating from NY to FL.
  • There are bugs everywhere. Not just bugs but also snakes, spiders, and scorpions. So you really have to be careful. Fort Lauderdale newcomers always get surprised so don't say we didn't warn you.
  • High Crime rates are a big problem in Florida in general and it is important to have that in mind if you want to move there with your family.
  • The lack of public transport is a big problem. You need to have a car if you want to move around the city. The traffic is terrible so if you want to get anywhere in time, you better leave your home early. This is the best tip we can give to Fort Lauderdale newcomers.


This city is wonderful and definitely worth visiting. But once you visit you will never want to go back to where you came from. All Fort Lauderdale newcomers enjoy it here and we know you will too. So come and enjoy the beautiful beaches, nice restaurants with fresh seafood, sunny weather and modern new homes with us. 

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