10 Funny and Unusual Laws in Florida

Let’s face it – every country has some pretty unusual laws. The kind of laws that make you wonder – who even thought of that? When you look at the big picture, some of those laws are now funny simply because they are obsolete. But, as you might have guessed, others have a pretty wild story behind them. Laws usually exist to protect citizens and ensure everyone’s rights. But not all laws make sense, it seems. When it comes to Florida, there are certainly a few that would be considered quite “odd.” Here are 10 funny and unusual laws in Florida.

It’s illegal for men to wear a strapless gown

Well, when it comes to funny and unusual laws in Florida, this one takes the cake. And not simply because we are left wondering about its origins. Let’s unpack this. The law actually says that men cannot be seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown. First, does this mean that gowns with straps are acceptable? What is it about the strapless option that bothered lawmakers enough to make it into a law? So many questions, but not enough answers. But, with so many clothing options, we’re sure men won’t be particularly affected by this.

Man next to a tree with his hand on his face

You cannot live with your partner if you’re not married

This is an echo of olden days when such a thing was considered wholly inappropriate. However, this particular law has yet to be removed. Namely, the law says that unmarried couples cannot commit “lewd acts” (this is how you know the law is ancient, someone intentionally writing lewd acts in it) and live together in the same home. So, basically, think about this before you ever decide to move to Florida. However, should you decide to move from New York to Florida with your partner, you might want to check and see whether it’s been taken down. Otherwise, you’re in a pickle.

You can’t gossip

Out of all the funny and unusual laws in Florida, it seems like this one might represent the biggest problem. If you ever find yourself in Oakland, Florida, make sure no authorities hear you gossip. That’s right, there it is still illegal to exchange gossip in any way, shape or form. That means no learning the Morse code so you can tell your friends what you’ve been dying to tell them. Go out of state for that.

No selling oranges on the sidewalk

If you’re in Miami, no matter how much you want to sell your oranges on the sidewalk, you simply can’t. It’s the law. Try your hand at selling some other fruit. Sell bananas, lemons, even strawberries, but oranges? No can do. Otherwise, you can face up to thirty days in jail. And that simply is not worth it. Move your entrepreneurial spirit into another direction. We’re sure you’ll be successful.

Fruit stand with various types of fruitYou can sell all other fruit in the street, but not oranges.

Doors of all public buildings must open outwards

Although this may seem quite a ridiculous example of funny and unusual laws in Florida, it does actually have a point. Namely, this was passed as law after someone realized that it will make it easier to escape the building in case of an emergency. So, this law actually makes sense. But it is still a bit odd to see it separately.

While Florida as a state does have some pretty odd laws, this one shows genuine forethought. After all, it shows that the state is ready to accommodate its citizens and take care of their safety. That’s why many have been relocating to the Sunshine State. If you’re considering moving to Florida, ready to enjoy its funny laws, go to bestcrosscountrymovers.com and find the best deal. There you can compare hundreds of moving companies and find the one perfect for you.

You have to pay the parking for your elephant

If you’ve left your pet elephant tied to the parking meter, you have to pay the parking fee. Well, this (kind of) makes sense, as an elephant is large as a car. And it’s taking up the parking space, right? But, when we think about how this law came about, that’s when it gets tricky. Who actually tied their elephant to the parking meter and did not pay the fee? So many questions about this law pop up that it may be next to impossible to answer them all.

Only missionary

While this may be considered an example of funny and unusual laws in Florida, it is also quite serious. The state of Florida decided at some point in its history to ban every other form of sexual intercourse other than missionary. While that may seem funny now, it does speak of a possible detrimental intrusion of the state into the home. Such laws should be monitored and amended as soon as possible.

You can’t shower naked

Well, this law makes absolutely no sense. How else are people supposed to shower? Should there be special shower clothes? Would they be considered washed if you wash with them in the shower? Again, too many questions pop up. Some laws are true enigmas that cannot be solved.

Man taking a shower

Imitating an animal is forbidden

Imitating an animal is a crime in Florida. You’ve read that right. It may have something to do with hurting the animal’s feelings? We’ll never know. However, knowing this, you may want to reconsider your Halloween costume. No more dressing up as a horse and spooking the neighborhood. Florida forbids it. Instead of imitating them, help animals and make their lives better.

Swimming and singing is illegal

Well, this one’s simply preposterous. In Florida, you cannot sing in public wearing only a bikini. But, this begs the question – how else are you supposed to sing in Florida? What if you want to sing at the beach? No, no, this law has to change. Simply preposterous.

Will funny and unusual laws in Florida ever change?

Well, long story short – no one knows. Some of these laws are quite obsolete but pose no serious issue to everyday lives. On the other hand, some of the funny and unusual laws in Florida can be quite problematic if they are not amended or completely removed. There has been some progress in changing some of them, but no one knows whether that will truly happen. Also, no one is sure whether all the laws (and there are many more) will be changed. Probably not. We can only sit back and laugh at some of the funnier ones and hope the legislation authorities will see reason soon.

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