A woman wearing a hat in a pool, representing one of the ways to avoid sunburn.5 interesting ways to avoid sunburn

Summertime brings all kinds of wonderful activities. You’ll be playing outdoor sports, attending barbecues, making trips to the beach or the lake…the list is basically endless! But while that means maximum fun, it also means maximum sun. And its blasting rays! Let’s face it, we’ve all been in that place before. We think we’re practically invincible, and just go out and spend all the time in the sun that we want to. But once the evening sets, you start noticing that you’re sporting the fashionable red color of a lobster.

And sunburns can be far more than an annoyance - they can also be utterly painful. If left untreated, they can even result in wrinkles that are there to stay; or even, in extreme cases, skin cancer. That’s why we recommend doing everything you can to avoid sunburns in the first place But that doesn’t mean distancing yourself from all the fun activities you can partake in during the summer! Don’t worry - we’ve prepared a couple of ways to avoid sunburn right here.


Let’s start with the most obvious among all the ways to avoid sunburn - putting on some sunscreen. This is your best friend in the fight against UV rays, besides not going out into the sun in the first place. And make sure you choose sunscreen types which are minimally 30 SPF. If you go for a sunscreen that’s below that, you’ll just be getting less coverage. And in turn, that just means a higher risk of sunburn. Besides that, you also need to remember to put on a new layer every couple of hours. Over time, your skin will absorb the sunscreen completely, especially in the summer heat. Meaning that you need more of it if you want to give your epiderm continuous protection.

Beach items on a towel, including sunscreen.Put on as much sunscreen as you can!

Also, you need to keep in mind that sunscreen isn’t only something you need while you’re having fun at the beach. If you’re doing any kind of menial labor outside in the summer, it’s important to remember to protect your skin. So, if you’re going to do some landscaping in your yard, don’t forget to apply some. Or if you’re relocating to a new home during the summer, let professionals handle your move, or put on a lot of sunscreen while you’re lugging boxes outside and loading the van.

Covering Up

Sure, the summer is a time of incredibly hot temperatures. But they have another companion - harmful rays of the sun. That’s why you may want to wear some accessories or clothing which will help cover up parts of your body, protecting them against any sunburns that would otherwise occur. So, as you go to the beach, work in your yard, or watch movers prepare your belongings for transport, don’t expose too much of your skin to the sun.

Utilize cotton fabrics and plenty of lighter colors to reduce the discomfort you’d get from the heat. When possible, put on a hat to safeguard your face against the sun, and wear a pair of sunglasses as well. Sure, your eyes can’t get sunburned, but the UV rays can be harmful to them nonetheless.

Avoiding Peak Hours

If you want to learn about the ways of avoiding sunburn, learn everything you can about the sun. For example, did you know that the sun has a time period when it dishes out the biggest daily amount of UV rays? That’s right - you should avoid any extensive exposure to the sun between noon and 4 pm. And even during other times of day, we recommend sticking to the shade in the summertime. Nonetheless, during peak hours, do your best not to have fun in the sun outside. Doing so will reduce the risk of attaining sunburns to a bare minimum.

A woman with sunglasses standing near the ocean.Avoid the sun during peak hours!

Natural Oils

If you liberally apply natural oils, like jojoba or coconut, you’ll have an additional line of defense against sunburns. When you lather yourself with it, your skin will naturally absorb the abovementioned oils in order to expedite its production of skin cells. And if you want to keep your skin strong enough to not get sunburns in the sun, you want to maintain its health with natural oils. They’ll keep your skin as hydrated as possible all throughout the day. Plus, seeing as the oils we’ve mentioned are completely natural, you won’t have to think about whether you’re using any dangerous chemicals.

Take Vitamin D

When you limit the amount of exposure your body has to the sun, you’re actually helping your body get more vitamin D out of the products you intake. And vitamin D is crucial for the strength of your bones, as well as the regulation of calcium level. If you take more vitamin D, you’ll also be increasing the amount of protection your body’s got against UV rays. You can find this vitamin in stuff like fish oil; believe us, it’s a great idea. Your tolerance to the rays of sun will steadily increase over time, and that’s one of the ways to avoid sunburns.

Treating Sunburns

Sometimes, no matter how many ways to avoid sunburns you employ, you’ll end up getting one all the same. And in that scenario, you should know how to treat these pesky devils. First of all, you want to have a cool bath. That will lower the temperature of your skin enough to apply some remedies. Then, use some aloe vera to help your skin heal from the sun. Trust us, you won’t find a safer and better cooling agent in nature than aloe vera. Also, drink as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated, and apply as much lotion as possible.

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