Relocation is one of the biggest life events in a person’s life. It brings a lot of change, and it happens for many different reasons. It’s often connected to other big life events like marriage, divorce, new job, buying a house – which makes relocation stressful and often overwhelming. Furthermore, new experiences like this can have a very strong effect on your mood and change the way you feel about life. That’s why we've arranged all the ways moving affects your mental health and solutions on how to deal with the change. There are both positive and negative effects on the list, but you should be prepared for both of them. These are all part of the moving process, and acknowledging them is the first step to resolving potential issues.

Moving affects your mental health and changes your point of view

As we've mentioned, relocation is a big life change. Starting a new life chapter on a completely different location can make you take a completely new point of view. Looking at things and situations from another place (especially when moving to another country) can help you perceive life events more positively. Taking another viewpoint is very beneficial and can help solve problems or doubts you had about certain people, relationships or a job.

Relocation is stressful

No matter how organized you are, relocation is one of the most stressful life events. It includes a lot of tasks and usually, you need to do it along with your job and other daily chores. Often there are time and money limits, which makes this event even more difficult. That’s why one of the ways moving affects your mental health is to increase the stress level and make you feel tense. And lastly, relocation is often connected to other life events such as marriage, divorce, or job switch, which only adds up the stress.

a woman's feet coming out of the car, showing that she's relaxedOne of the ways moving affects your mental health is making you stressed and overwhelmed. Be sure to do everything you can to relax and make it an easy process.

How to deal with the relocation stress?

Well, there’s probably no way to completely avoid it. However, there are some ways to make this process a bit easier and smoother. First, organize and give yourself enough time. Moving in a hurry increases stress and the risk of mistakes and getting hurt. Stay organized and pack wisely. Also, declutter your home weeks in advance, so you have fewer items to pack and sort out. And lastly, don’t forget to have some rest and ask for help. Doing more than you actually can, will leave you overwhelmed and additionally stressed out.

a box filled with books, postcards, and other items.It's often hard to declutter your home for the move - take it easy and bring only the items you really need.

A new home leaves you satisfied

If you are moving to a new home that you really like, you probably feel good about it. People who have spent a lot of time in a home that they don’t like, usually feel very good when they finally find a good home. Moving to a new house that you decorated according to your preferences, and that is sparkling clean, will leave you satisfied and happy about yourself. This feeling will transfer to the other spheres of your life and give you a more positive attitude towards work, hobbies, and the people around you.

a person holding house keys on their hand showing that moving affects your mental healthMoving affects your mental health in a positive way, too - a new house will help you feel happy and satisfied.

Relocation is a fresh start

Moving to another home, city or country is super exciting and often super-stressful. However, it gives you a chance to start fresh in life and make some big changes to the way you live. Moving to another home can help you stay away from toxic people or relationships, change a job you don’t like, etc. Whatever happens, you’ll have a fresh, new chapter in life and be excited and happy about it. Just be sure to focus on daily habits that will improve your quality of life and other ways to make your new life better.

Moving helps you overcome things easier

Staying in the same place for a long time makes us will be attached to it, and the people around that place. Changing the location helps you learn how to detach from places, people and things. It helps you grow as a person and easily discard relationships that don’t make you happier and things that are not useful.

Your memory can be improved by moving

When certain events happen, people often remember all the things that happened around that event much better than usual. That’s why relocation can improve your memory for a bit, helping you to stay focused and remember events that happened before and after the moving day. However, don’t rely on this information too much – be sure to write down all your tasks, important information and costs related to the move.

More tips on how  to understand and soften the ways moving affect your mental health

As we've mentioned, moving affects your mental health in both positive and negative ways. To avoid being tense throughout the moving process, there are certain steps to consider.  Here are things to do to make this life change a bit more subtle and easy on your emotions:

  • Take it easy – have enough time to move, and take everything slowly. The best way to move is to plan everything and stay organized until the last moment of the move.
  • Expect mistakes and problems – it’s absolutely okay for challenges to emerge, especially during the big moves. It’s important to stay focused and not be dramatic if anything unexpected happens.
  • Have a safe move – along with packing effectively before your move, it’s important to stay safe by choosing a reliable moving company.
  • Let it go – if you find it hard to leave your old home, and declutter it from old and unused items, do this bit by bit. Think of your move as a chance to get new items and move into a fresh new home. Try to realize that holding onto old habits, walls and things will only slow you down.

All of these ways moving affects your mental health lead to the fact that moving also changes your personality. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of it and try to stop it. It’s a natural way new experiences help our personality evolve and move towards the smarter and better version of ourselves. Be happy about your new home and enjoy it as much as you can!

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